Comparing Long Term Care Quotes

Before buying a long term care insurance, be sure to ask for free quotes first.  This is to allow you to scout for the best prices and be able to compare which of the carriers can provide you the best deal.  Most of the time, companies provide a free long term care quote.  For customer convenience, company websites usually have a page for LTC quotes.

There is an online form that can be easily accomplished to ask for quotes.  One just have to fill in his or her name, her age, her address, the state he or she lives in, and her contact details.  The state where you live in is another factor for there long term care costs by state.  After receiving the quote from one insurance company, try to request again but this time from other companies.  As a consumer you have the choice to buy your plan on a reliable company which also offers the most competitive price.

Here is an example of an online long term care quote form.

Similarly, visit if you want to have additional long term care information.


Quick Guide to Long Term Care Costs by State

The cost of long term care (LTC) is one of the main concerns of interested policy buyers.  But most of them do not know where to find them.  Consumers, specially those who lack time, do their searches online.

While search engines can turn in relevant results, to make it easier for users, there are LTC insurance company websites that provide quick links to LTC costs by state.  I have personally tried visiting the long term care costs by state page of a company called Complete Long Term Care.  I was researching to help a friend find a nursing home for her dad.  They were from Texas but they were also considering nearby states specially those that offer cheaper monthly rates.

Searching nursing homes one by one in different states was time consuming.  Good thing i got into the page wherein they already have the links to the LTC info in all 50 states.  You can find there monthly rates for assisted living facilities, private and semi-private rooms in nursing homes, and daily rates for home health aides.

The site also gives free long term care insurance quotes as well as useful LTC resources.  It’s worth visiting and you can quickly find what you’re looking for.  You can also visit other sites to gather additional info and compare quotes.