Long Term Care Costs in the Heart of Dixie

If you’re living in Alabama, fondly called Heart of Dixie, and are planning for your long term care, here are some of the most important things that you have to know about long term care costs.

Alabama Partnership Program

Thank God for the Alabama Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program which became effective in March 1, 2009, Alabama residents can expect reliable assistance in paying for their long term care costs.  Similarly, they can also protect their assets from spend down requirements.  With the collaboration of Alabama Medicaid Agency and the Alabama Department of Insurance, residents can better plan and prepare for their future care needs.

Cost of Care in Alabama

According to Genworth’s 2011 Cost of Care Survey, Licensed Homemaker Services in this state has an hourly rate that ranges $12 to $25.  As for Licensed Home Health Aides, the figures are quite the same coming from $13 and reaching up to $25.  But if you’re planning to get into an Adult Day Care, daily rate ranges between $16 to $55.

On the other hand, in Assisted Living Facilities, expect to pay thousands of dollars.  For single occupancy, monthly rates are at $1600 to $4950.  In the case of nursing homes, the costs for semi-private and private room are almost the same so it’s better to choose the private.  The minimum daily rate for semi is $130 while its $132 for the other.  But for the max daily rate, semi is at $233 while private is $10 higher at $243.

If you want to know more about LTC services and their costs, visit LTC.gov or contact your state’s health department.  For a long term care quote, contact a preferred insurance carrier within your region.


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