For Grandparents Receiving Long Term Care

Truly, there’s a unique relationship between children and their grandparents.  But sometimes, we often neglect the times we get to see and be with our grandma or granddad, and when it’s already too late, that is when we start to wish we could’ve seen them more often.

Seniors are usually the ones who are inflicted with chronic diseases and disabling condition,thus this require them to receive long term care.  Most of the times, families are too busy to look after their parents and be their caregivers that is why they decide to take them in to nursing homes and other care settings wherein they can be better taken care of.

In such situations, the children as well as the grandchildren are unable to visit frequently, and then start to miss their parents/grandparents and wish they can spend more time together.

Below is a song by John Prill. It’s called “National Grandparents Day Song: A Song for Grandma and Grandpa.  Verse One and Two talk about the things that we often do with our grandparents such as going to ball games, fishing, eating granny’s cookies, and looking at photos together/ These are also the same things we often miss when they are already away.

For those with grandparents in nursing homes or assisted living facilities receiving long term care, be sure to visit them often and try to do the same things you do with them before.  They sure miss you and their happiness will play a big role in their health recovery.

If you want to listen to the song, click here for the clip: The National Grandparents Day Song



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